Trekking Adventures With Purpose

Far into the wilderness through the jungle where roads are not found; water and aircraft are the highway to and fro lies the villages of the Punan. God has them on His heart. Reaching them is an adventure where the dangers are real. Every step is one of faith, trusting in God’s grace for safe passage with the Holy Spirit being our guide. The geographical location is only the beginning for we are here to bring the Gospel to the hearts of the Punan people. The beloved of God.

We want them to see God though we don’t know what all God is going to do, we will get to watch what God does. The Lord has broadened our vision. We will be recording the bible into their mother tongue languages as part of our main strategy. Serving them like Jesus. As servants!

Getting the bible into their heart language may be the most important thing we do as God leads them the rest of the way. We may be the forerunners who make a foot print in the right direction for others to follow. This is the task of Trekking Adventures with Purposes (TAP). This is our mission and we have been led by God. We exist to reach the Punan. Will you help us?