God’s Mission, Our Calling

It says in Zechariah 4:10, “who dares despise the day of small things…” like Paul Fleming who started New Tribes Missions, “I new where the lord wanted me to go.” He made it undoubtedly clear. God led me to this group of tribes in 2018 on a short term trip. But it turned out that God had different plans for me to be there. He had sent me on a mission. Two days before my trip to this south eastern country. God told me that I was going to this unreached people group in a miraculous way like in the book of Acts. I saw God. By the end of the trip, I actually did go to this unreached village. I was able to tell a villager that it is on my heart to come back to your village and go into the jungle, search for other tribes who have not heard our about Jesus. “Is that OK with you,” I said, and she said, “I think you have good intentions you should Pray about it.”

After I got Home I spent two years praying and seeing God lead every step of the way and answering so many prayers. God has put it on my heart to go back, build a team, and start a new frontiers mission. This is the beginnings of what God is going to do. Let’s Go!

The Story, Watch What God Does

I was knocking on people’s doors in Portland sharing the gospel. I saw a man outside of his house who looked like he was reading a bible. I knew God wanted me to talk to him. I said, “Is that a bible?” He nodded with his head no and yes. He could not speak any English. His wife who could speak some English came out of the house told us it was a hymnal from their church. We sang some songs with them and prayed for them. They told us what church they went to. We exchanged names then it was time to go. Then the lady said, “hold on one seconded.” She went back in to her house and came back out with a piece of paper. She wrote on and gave it to me. It said, “TUBU Joshua on computer.” I knew she wanted me to look it up. I figured it had to do with her church. But I forgot all about it.

Three week later, two days before my missions trip, I was packing my bags and found the piece of paper on my desk. I said to my self if I don’t look this up now, I am never going to. So I typed it in on google and the first thing that came up was the name of the country I was going to be going to in two days. “Wow, what are you trying to do God what are you going to do?” I said. Then I clicked on the link and it brought me to an unreached people group on the very island I was about to be going to in two days! What do you want me to do God? What are you trying to do? In my mind I heard if I am going to be doing something. You don’t need to know what I’m going to do because I’m the one who is going to be doing it. I got off the internet and I had this fiery confidence that some how some way I was going to meet this people group but I didn’t know when or how.

Two days later we were on the island and we met up with the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) pilots who picked us up at the airport. The only thing I could think of to ask was have you ever heard of this people group before and she said no. A few days later I asked another pilot’s wife and she said, “yes I have heard of them, they are on this island and we actually work with them.” “You should talk to this one pilot, he has been here for 12 years.” So the time came up for me to ask the pilot. He told me they are the lowest of the low in the country and he told me all about them. Then I said maybe the whole reason for this is so that I can tell you they are on God’s radar! “Yes to God be the glory for this conversation” he said.

Four days later we spent the rest of the trip with the pilots in their homes and the opportunity came up for me to go out flying with one of the pilots for a day to see what they do. While I was getting in to the cockpit I had to ask, “have you ever heard of this people group before?” and he said yes that is were we are going to day. I could not believe it! I started praying and praising God! I told him I’ve got to tell you this story. After I told him He was laughing and saying praise God and then he asked me. “do you want me to drop you off in their village and I will pick you after two hours?” “Yes,” I said.

Then I had a few hours of flying before we got there and I was asking God what are you trying to do what do you want me to do lord? I remembered He said, “If I’m going to do something you don’t need to know what I’m going to do because I’m the one who is going to do it.” We got there and a man led me down to the village and showed me around, we could not speak to each other. No one knew English. He then led me back up to the landing strip to wait for the pilot to come back and pick me up. But I did not do anything I felt like.

When we got to the landing strip there was a girl there who had a cell phone and a translation App. She was able to ask me, “why did you come here.” I told her, “Jesus sent me here, there is no other way to describe it.” I told her the whole story. After about two hours of conversation with her, “I told her I want to come back to your village and go off into the jungle and look for these people groups who do not know about Jesus and tell them is that oaky with you? She said, “I think you have good intentions you should pray about it.” That is exactly what I did over the last two years and the Lord has made it clear to me that He wants me to go back and search for these unreached people groups. This is how the mission got started.