Get Out There!

Over the GRN taring cores the LORD has shown me my missions core ,i will be working vary closely will Global recording network with the stratagy of recording the bible storys in the Punan langaguag by working with the Punan in translation and recording with there own native people in there mother tung ,this can be done in each of the sperated Punan tribes , this is going to be my direct piont of contack . why are you here? they may be wandering well whyle im here in your village im seeking a person who will be a language helper , and work to record Gods words in your language . this is the piont of stratagy i belevae God has broadend my Visson of what i will be doing in the villages this means geting the Bible into there mother tung language . what an honor. i feel so honored to be here right now among such exspiranted men and women with the goal of geting the bible in to every unreached language with sutch a privlaged to be involved with this work , lead by God. it was his work from the beging that he had pland for me. this partnership this GRN will be vary closs and it gives my a bed rock to put my feet on and stand under more exspiranced wokers and to have the help i will need so despritly with the lord .

GRN has allready recorded in over 6,000 languages with about 5.000 left to go and last year pople from all over the world downloaded over 1.5 millans hours of there bible recordings downloaded…………………….. it has been so humbaling to be here.

God has Anwserd your paryer thank you vary much for your prayers tha nk you God for answering . he has helped me to understand all of the new tecnical work and computer work and sicens in a way i can turly say it was him helping my with widom and understanding i did not havde befor ,He does that sti

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